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Our Vision

At Scala Inc. we believe every young women around the world deserves a brighter and healthier smile

1. Volunteers

As a volunteer, you can help Scala Inc provide access to professional dental care and exceptional treatments for young women around the world. Come be a part of our team to raise funds to help on our mission.

2. Fundraising

At Scala Inc we are dedicated to promoting activities that support physical health.  During our Zumba®  Fitness Charity events, we seek that the participants obtain a benefit while contributing donations to help those in need.

3. Objective

Raise money to fund dental and braces treatment for young women in need around the world, so they can recover their self-esteem through the correction of their smiles. Working together with organizations that are willing to make a difference and support Scala Inc 4 Braces in a teamwork atmosphere.

Who is Claudia Scala

Claudia used braces for almost 5 years and had them removed right before her High School Senior photos were taken. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and having crooked teeth meant constant bullying, but Claudia used that in her favor to exceed in her classes and use her own strenght to help those who also used to be bullied.

At age 12 Claudia came to Miami on a student visa to live with her aunt, uncle and cousins and immediately was taken to an orthodontist to get braces. Upon returning to her old neighborhood in Brazil, no one could believe the change in her teeth and Claudia was never bullied again.











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Sharing how we balance (Family-Career-Fitness)

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Celebrating The Release of Our New Book

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Our book is 100 pages and 5 chapters, written by a Brazilian, a German, a Cuban, a Peruvian and the American. Personal stories on how we balance “Family-Career-Fitness”.